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Our mission is to LOVE back to life, set-free, restore, and equip women in the sex industry, victims of sex trafficking, depression and chemical addictions, to live healthy, hopeful, and Christ centered lives.We are a 501c3 charitable non-profit residential program that longs to provide a safe, secure environment in which female victims will receive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, and learn the skills necessary for self-reliance and reintegration to society.


We want to change a culture that still allows human beings to be bought and sold. We believe that in the end, LOVE is the strongest force for change in the world.


We are an organization that offers 12 months of healing in our Phase 1 Hosea House. This phase will be divided into two sections with 8 months of deep inner heart healing and 4 months of transitional preparation.

Please help us in obtaining our goal by donating now, donations are tax deductible. 


  • Build a community of UBL Homes to restore survivors of sex trafficking and substance abuse

  • Walk with the women through our Long Term Restorative Care Program

  • Host events at our lake house to serve, empower and equip advocates of trafficking victims

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