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Donate Financially

Donations go toward the general UBL fund which directly supports the program and facilities.

Donate Time

UBL is always in need of those to be the hands and feet of this operation.

Donate Items

From cleaning supplies to bedding, there are plenty of daily needs.

Your donation to these women will supply them with shelter, food, toiletries, materials and other necessities that will be necessary for their healing. We believe in loving these women back to health. Giving is the #1 way of fighting back.  Regardless of someone’s past, we believe that healing will take place through agape love, encouragement, and a fresh start. We want to reach a multitude of women that we find either locally or globally. Currently, as a ministry, we are providing support and love to women before they even come to us.  However, they need somewhere to go.  We believe in building strong partnerships with organizations that have the same missions as we do, to end modern day slavery and human trafficking.  Please consider partnering with us to help fight the good fight and put a stop to this inhuman act.   


  • We do not sell, rent, or give away your information.

  • All donations are 100% Tax deductible.

  • All of the proceeds will go directly towards the recovery of women.


Un-Shackled by Love Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.

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