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Amber's Landing Holistic Detox is a separate program from the UBL program. However, these two tools can be used together to create lasting change. We encourage Detox participants to utilize the UBL program after completion of the Detox program, though it is not a requirement of either program. To find out how these programs fit into your healing journey, contact or fill out an application below.




All Applicants must complete a application and have a phone pre-interview. The Holistic Detox Center for Women has guidelines for admission.


Admission to Amber's Landing Holistic Detox accepts partnerships, scholarships and private pay. The cost for the 30 day program will be discussed during the interview process. Payment Options include cash, money order, certified check, or credit card.

If the resident chooses to leave before the 30 day program is complete, the funds are non-refundable. If resident leaves before the 30 days and decides to return, a new payment will be required


  • Residents must be ages 18 and over.

  • Amber's landing is unable to accommodate children at this time.

  • Our program is faith-based. We will be using holistic Detox program elements( see Program elements under Holistic Detox Center) to aid in initial entry -(3-7 days) and then participate in life skills in the Treatment program. While in the 30 day detox program, they will be able to continue to heal from the effects on their body as needed.

  • Residents with cars will be unable to drive while in the detox program.

  • No Cell Phones will be used while in the holistic program/No exceptions.

  • Residents may not use alcohol, drugs and may not have sexual relationships, or be in ANY type of relationship during the entire program. (not abiding by ANY of these will be immediate dismissal from the detox program).

  • Violent offenders, arsonists will not be accepted to this Holistic Detox Center.

  • Residents are allowed to smoke in permitted area’s only in limited amounts.

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