Dear Friends, 

A passion for what I do could be considered an understatement. With an amazing support team and generosity of sponsors just like you we are able to help bring women out of the darkness and show them that they can achieve great things through the kingdom of God. We believe in focusing on milestones throughout recovery, maintaining sobriety, and walking out a new life. 
We are grateful that most of our residents have graduated the program and continue to maintain their sobriety. Unfortunately, not all residents complete the program, but we believe that doesn't mean failure. Any step forward is progress in our eyes and know that the life foundations can still be held onto. 


It's truly a blessing to witness the transformations in our resident's life's. 67% of our residents have found employment while in the program, and 92% of residents are reunited with their family. That's absolutely remarkable to me, and I know that's a result of a God based program we provide. 
We always strive to allow our residents to blossom into greatness and not just settle for mediocrity. I am so appreciative of all our supporters and just want to let you know it could never be done without you. We use no government funding and are ran by volunteers. Every donation and every hour volunteered is solely to support our residents. We even have a support team that prays for our residents every day and know the power that it brings. WOW! You are a blessing to our residents and we pray blessing on your life's. 


We look forward to continue to help woman out of darkness such as: human trafficking, drug addiction, abusive relationships, the sex industry, and the list goes on. If you know anyone in need of our program, feel free to contact us today. We know it can be overwhelming at times and we know how to help. 

Jewellan D. Morrison 

Founder and Executive Director

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